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Art Direction

Rachel Livingstone was born in Nantwich, a small town in the parish of Cheshire, in the north of England. She immigrated to Canada after her father Lloyd, a computer systems analyst, was transferred to Toronto, Ontario. Rachel’s interest in literature, theatre and film was guided by her mother Christina, a teacher of English Literature. 


   After receiving her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Comparative Literature and Film Studies, Rachel attended the Vancouver Film School, studying Production and Script Supervision. Rachel was always fascinated by the Art Direction aspect of film and television, and quickly moved into the art department early in her career. 


  Rachel now has 15 years experience in Production Design, Art Direction, and Set Decoration in film, television, music videos and commercials, and relishes in the creative challenge of each new production.


  Rachel worked closely with Production Designer Matt Vest and Director Troy Ruptash to create a look for ‘They Who Surround Us’  that was inspired from such productions as ‘Lean On Me’, ‘Boyhood’, and the masterful design of ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’. The sets were dressed minimally, using key period furniture pieces, lamps and sheers. The creative team believed that by keeping the sets spartan, they became an integral part of this beautiful story of trauma, loss, grief and redemption that has left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

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